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Tarot Readings

There are so many ways tarot has been transformative in my life. I can't possibly share them all. But, I can help you experience the joys of tarot with a personalized reading. I have created four different offerings to make sure that my services are affordable and accessible to all. So join me and learn how you can experience the wisdom and magic of the cards. 

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Creative Kin

The Creative Kin is an affordable monthly subscription that gives you access to discounted readings and exclusive tarot webinars. Join the newsletter to receive updates on the launch date and special events!

Quick take-Readings

This brief lookahead is perfect for creatives seeking personalized insights beyond the monthly YouTube forecasts. It includes a 5-minute recorded reading that offers a quick glimpse of what’s in store for the coming week. A link to the video will be shared within 24-48 hrs of purchase.

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Yes or No Readings

When you have a specific question for the cards, a yes or no reading is an excellent place to start. These readings are designed to help you understand the energy around a situation, gain new insights and clarity on the factors at play, and learn the likely outcome if things remain unchanged. It includes a 10-15 minute recorded reading that uses an 8-card spread and offers clarification cards as needed. A link to the video will be shared within 24-48 hrs of purchase.

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In-Depth Readings

Sometimes you need more detailed guidance than the Quick Takes and Yes or No Readings offer. Whether you are looking to dive deeper into the situation at hand or you’re unclear about the question to ask, this reading can offer personalized insights in real-time. These in-depth readings are 1:1 zoom meetings that allow us to interact directly to cover a range of topics and draw clarification cards as needed. Readings are scheduled upon confirmation of the purchase. All readings are recorded and shared with the client within 24 hrs of the reading.

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