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Creatable Space(s):

A Mindset Deck for Writers

Writing is hard, but it doesn't have to be.

With the Creatable Spaces Deck, you can:

  • Breakthrough Writer's Block

  • Reduce Procrastination

  • Process Rejection

  • Release Unhelpful Criticism

  • Redefine Success and Failure

  • Trust Your Creative Instincts

  • Live in the Moment

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Think Better.  Write Better.  Be Better.

Write the story that you want to tell, because your voice matters and someone out there is waiting for you to tell it. 

Did you know that...

  • X writers struggle with imposter syndrome.

  • # of people have write a novel on their bucket list but only x percent actually do it.

  • % of our daily thoughts are negative and our brain accepts them as truth, even when they’re not true.

  • It’s not too late to pursue your dream.

  • Rejection isn’t always about you. It’s a business. And sometimes we need a reminder.:

    • Include stats about rejection and failure. 

    • It took X years for this movie to be made.

    • This script/book was rejected X times.

    • X was fired, rejected or cut from Y but then went on to do Z.


The Creatable Spaces Deck is like having a writing coach in your pocket, available whenever you need a burst of creativity, courage, or comfort. 

Did you know that...


writers & authors
living in the U.S.*


of all people will experience imposter syndrome at some point.


Thoughts a day.


of our thoughts
are negative.

Why Writing is so Hard

Image by hannah grace

You've been writing words on paper since grade school. So why is the blank page so intimidating? What is it about penning a novel or dreaming up a screenplay that paralizes our creativity? 

1. Fear of Failure

Could add little gifs or images under each one with some text. Or could do one section for each band with a picture on one side and a description or series of q's on the other. 

2. Fear of Rejection

3. Imposter Syndrome

4. Limiting Beliefs

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