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Creatable Spaces Affirmations Deck & Oracle

Creatable Spaces Affirmations Deck & Oracle

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Creatable Spaces is a mindset deck for writers designed to help you navigate the ups and downs of a creative life.


The deck is divided into five key themes and color-coordinated for ease of use. This means you can shuffle and draw cards at random or grab the specific theme that aligns with the mindset shift needed on that day. 


Theme #1: Creatable Confidence 

These affirmations are designed to be confidence-boosting. They're perfect for jumping into a new project or bouncing back after a rejection.  


Theme #2: Creatable Flow

These cards are all about releasing the stress and anxiety of perfectionism.  No story or idea is perfect. The choices we make aren't permanent. Sometimes you just have to give yourself permission to go with the flow and occasionally stumble.


Theme #3: Creatable Imagination

Every writer has a vivid imagination, but sometimes we get lost in the mechanics of the story and the pressure to entertain. These cards are all about honoring your creative spirit and noticing the ideas that surround us every day. 


Theme #4: Creatable Mindset

You know the saying, "easier said than done"? That's what these cards are all about. It's all of the advice we tell our critique partners, writers' group, and ride-or-die besties about writing and yet can't seem to remember when we're in the thick of it.


Theme #5: Creatable Vision

A writer's life is so much more than a single book, screenplay, or freelance article for Buzzfeed.  These cards are here to remind you of the big picture. Who do you want to be as a writer? What are your long-term goals? Dust off that vision board and remind yourself of your why -- because knowing the why gets you through the tough stuff. 


A Tool For Any Writer at Any Stage

No matter what your writing level, the affirmations and oracle messages in the Creatable Spaces deck can help you overcome roadblocks and pursue your writing career with a healthier mindset.  

  • Product Info

    This deck includes: 

    • 45 Affirmation Cards
    • 31 Bonus Oracle Cards
    • 2 Blank Cards (to create personalized affirmations)
    • A Metal Tin Card Holder

    Additional Details:

    • Card Size: 2.75"×4.75" (70×120mm) (78 Cards)
    • Card Stock: S30 (FSC-certified) professional standard card stock with blue core (smooth finish)
    • Card Finishing: BGM Card Finish
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